Yes, the tiger is roaring again!

January 6, 2007

Yes, its definitely on. The bengal tiger has come back and to a whopping roar. As asked in the previous blog, the answer has definitely been found. The eastern southpaw has scored a lot of swashbuckling knocks but unfortunately a few have been materialised into winning the games. This primarily is the courtesy of the kill-all policies adopted by the coach. A case in point is the second innings when the successful opening partnership of Jaffer and Karthick was broken down to provide headroom for old, blunt warhorse, Sehwag.

This decision proved to be a killer. While as usual Sehwag left miserly at 4, Jaffer and Karthick too proved to be collateral casualties. In consequence, the vain efforts of the Prince of Calcutta and the captain proved to be no saviour. The team was shot out for paltry score.

Thats another story. But the Bengal Tiger has emerged as the highest run aggregator in the series for the team. Critics now that take that!


Informationless technology

December 9, 2006

Yesterday, while having my lunch at the hostel mess, an old dude comes up and sits right beside me. Out of my reverence for his grey hair, i wish him. This old man is a some great professor from the mechanical engineering department.

Now i have always been guilty of one thing- talking on subjects to strangers – a subject the stranger dude specialises in while i dont know a piece of shit about of it! so here it goes again but this time I knew too. And this ensues the probem.

when we are eating, suddenly, i pop out the question ” Sir, which department are you from?”, he replies ” Mech dept”. Two more morsels of food down the alimentary canal, when I ask” Sir, why is it that all engineering graduates end up their lives with a job in the Information Technology sector?”. There I again get uncomfortable for someone! But that is the way yours truly is.

Now that old dude barks back at me with a frown “Which dept are you from?”, I try my best to conceal my innermost thoughts and say ” Sir, Biotechnology”. What next. The old frown goes ballistic and blasts ” Then, better mind your technology in biology!”.

This wasnt exactly an answer i anticipated, but anyhow i managed to chip in with a one-liner ” But sir, for a true citizen, it is but his religious duty to know about the ways of his society, for nothing runs in an isolation in the society. Various elements contribute to the functioning of the democracy as well to the society”.

No answer, But no question too. i finish my meal earlier than he finishes his.

I am out of the dining hall but not out of the loop yet. The pertinent question is- why are all the engineering grads heading the IT way?

  1. Is there no one who really does engg. because he loves it?
  2. Havent they heard yet of the saturation in the IT sector?
  3. Isnt a stream like Mech or Electrony lucrative enough for the bright and the studious ones (since even the bright are running helter-skelter)?

Where is the society headed to, with the engineering graduates running amuck? Do we, the people, ask ourselves the consequences of such running amuck?

The eastern southpaw

December 9, 2006

Finally! so is this the return of THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER AGAIN? a determined innings at the Potchefstroom warm up match before the test series, may well be what the doctors exactly ordered for! Definitely, this fighting knock of 83, will go a long way in cementing his place in the side. However he should well be reminding himself that this will not guarantee him a berth for the world cup. Moreover this so, since the upcoming test series will the real trial by fire.

Lets see the events unfold!

Addicted to sleep

December 1, 2006

This piece as I write fills me with deep anguish. This is primarilly in response to some drugs which are sold without the physician’s prescribe. Some of the drugs which are supposed to be sold exclusively on the basis of the doctor’s prescription, are sometimes sold in the counter over the arm.

Well, yours truly, does agree that it sometimes saves the patient from unnecessary harassment for drug for a fever or a cold, but some drugs have to be sold after verifying the prescription. A wonderful case in point is a friend’s who has got himself addicted to sleep.

The reason is this that the guys sold the sedatives on face value and just did what isnt supposed to be done! The poor guy G goes to the chemist and gets 3 strips (3 x10 tablets) of a high power sedative and consumes them in a quick succession on reaching home. Next up he sleeps for GOD-KNOWS-HOW-MANY-HOURS at a stretch.

If only!


November 25, 2006

Well astrology, as we all know, is widely considered to be a part of science and is taught in a number of Universities in the West as scientific subject! However, the recent astronomical quests come right from behind to strike and sweep us from our feet, that the so called science absolutely defies logic.

Astrology as they is based on the motion of the planets and the relative motion of the stars. although it has always been subject to speculation the efficacy of the astrological predictions, the elite in our so called intellectual sphere have always taken it with a pinch of salt. However the the discovery that the solar system actually consists of 12 instead of 9 planets, had left the astrologers running for cover!

Does it mean that the dudes were bluffing the masses all along? Does it mean that the astrolgical predictions, even if they came true, were entirely based on simple coincidences in the Old Harry’s life? Or to cut the euphemism short, was all that study in the name of science trash?

One of the distinguished astrologers in India, Bejan Daruwalla, maintains that the predictions are based on the relative motions of the first six planets amd that the rest do not anyways matter!

I wonder what next!

malaria death blow!

November 25, 2006

For the past few months there has been a growning indignation at the thought of malaria at my college! students have been succumbing to the parasite  at the swift rate of two to three students per week. this grave concern has been further fuelled by the helplessness that there is no vaccine for the disease.

hence there is no frigging way on earth that u can shield yourself. This is primarily due to the fact that malaria is an exclusively tropical sickness and the West has never been perturbed to act on the R&D for progress on the malarial front.

This compels me to ask all those budding  scientists in general and the biotechnologists in particular  ” WHY ARE WE FRIGGING DEPENDED ON THE WEST TO BE THE SAVIOURS OF HUMANITY?”.

Interestingly, it was also a resident Indian British doctor who had discovered the  causative Plasmodium, the Nobel laureate- Sir Ronald Ross.